Why do you even need a rug in your dining room? Well it’s a preference. Sometimes the minimalist look might be what you’re going for and having a rug under the dining table ruins the aesthetic. If you know what style you’re going for you’d have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve. Regardless of style there is a utility to having a rug under the dining table. Firstly, it protects the floors from the wear of the chairs moving back and forth. Secondly, it’s nice to have something your feet could sit on especially in winter. Thirdly, when you have an open plan living, separating the space with a rug helps define the area creating a more balanced and organised space.

You can start with looking at flatweave rugs. They’re generally more wear resistant as you won't have the fibers compress over time making the rug look better for longer. You shouldn’t have indents develop as the chairs sit on the rug and cleaning a flatweave is certainly much easier* depending on the fibers in the rug. 

You’d think natural fiber rugs such as jute are ideal and they can be if style is more your priority, however they do shred, the cheaper the more shedding. A jute rug is more difficult to clean, it just sucks up all the juice if you’d spill anything on it and cleaning is possible as long as it’s a very hot day and you can be certain it’s dry before you put it back in place. You wouldn’t want mold developing, it will smell terrible and once thats developed, chances are you need a new rug. Wool fibers are better, removing stains are difficult but doable, the pricer option - however, It’s softer on your feet. A nice neutral rug with texture lifts a room like nothing else. 

Synthetic fibers like polyester, polypropylene are ideal. If it has a pile most of the time they have a jute backing, some are cotton. Shags are generally latex glue. You should be able to tell from the photos. If the back of the rug has a cloth fabric it’s latex glue - those generally harden over time and start cracking, you're inevitably going to get loose piles when you vacuum, especially with a turbo head they’ll start coming out. If the colour of the backing weave is brown its jute and if its white its cotton. Jute backing is generally more stiff, cotton tends to be softer. If you do clean, again put something under it and give it air for it to dry. (Cold water & Soap)

Outdoor rugs are 100% synthetic, as they should be. You don’t have jute, you don’t have cotton, you don’t have latex. You might not have a pile but you do have extreme functionality. You could hose it down and wash it (Cold water & Soap). If you have pets it's absolutely amazing - you drop any food - you should be able to get it out.  

Colours are your friend, designs are your friend. Pay attention to the trim of the table and the chairs if it’s dark, don’t go the same dark, pick navy instead. If your floors are dark, go a shade lighter, you want to create some separation. If your tabletop is busy don’t go busy on the floor. Geometry tends to work well, plain or compressed designs tend to work well, borders work well. A good dining room rug is not loud - it needs to be complimentary, subtle. Unless you have a glass table that’s see through and you’re going for maximalism. 

The rule with picking the rug sizing for a dining table rug is 50cm outside the table. So measure the width and length of your dining table, add 50cm and the size closed to that should be what you go for. 50cm, so the chair is still on the rug when when seated 

If you're feeling stuck and have a few ideas or no idea, contact us, send us photos and we'll show you the world. hello@rugpalace.com.au

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