In the bedroom, it's all about the textures. A good place to start is with bed size and rug placement. Having a King or Queen size bed, you'd generally want a rug running under the bed with at least 50cm's on either side. This will be enough to step out on to getting in and out of bed. You're going to be using this rug every day however, its not a lot of foot traffic, at least not as high as the living room. So consider something soft like a shaggy, natural fiber wool, silk or a high pile rug. Go lighter colours as you don't need to be too concerned with it wearing quickly.

When picking a rug for your bedroom there are a few things to consider. Rug placement - where do you want the rug to be placed. If its a Single bed or if your bed is against a wall, you could get away with a rug size of 120x170 Small, given you have a bedside table. If your bed is placed in the centre of the room and you have access to both sides, you’d want to take into consideration the size of the bed when picking a rug. A Queen size bed is 153x203 cm (not considering the bed frame). You’d want to run the rug longer side of the rug under and across having at least 50cm of rug on either side of the bed. So a rug sized 200x290 Large, 290cm minus the width of the bed is 137cm, leaving 68.5 cm on either side. The length of a Queen size bed is 203 and having a 200cm length is ideal if you take into consideration a bedside table of 50cm. So you’d have a distance of 50cm at the end of the bed frame. A King size bed is 183x203 cm (not considering the bed frame), again you'd want to run a 240x330 Extra Large rug under the bed leaving 147cm and about 73.5 cm on either side. 

Going with a neutral colour will give you greater freedom to change up your linen/bedsheets to where ever the seasons take you. You can always match and mix colours with other elements in the room. You could go a with a muted multi and pull colours as you go, don't box yourself in and get the most out of your rug. 

Single Bedroom Rug
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