There are a few things to consider when picking a rug for your living room. Most notably it starts with size. Usually, with a three seater and two seater sofa you can get away with a medium size rug, 160x230.

This size generally sits in front of your sofa. Price wise, it is the cheaper option, which works best for smaller rooms. However, for larger rooms placing a rug this size will make a large space feel small. Going the size up to a large, 200x290 - you're sitting the rug under the front legs of the sofa, helping define the living space a little better.

Which is every important in creating a flow in an open plan living area. If your sofa is quite large you might need to go the one size up, 240x330. If you're looking to set the whole sofa on the rug you'd be looking at an oversized rug, 300x400. Making sure the size is right - will pay off, be sure. Measure up and don't leave it to chance. 

So, you got your rug size worked out. Now we come to the subjective parts of picking a rug. It's helps to think about what are building the room around, what is the anchor of the room, what do you intend to highlight, stepping into the space. Most living rooms are commonly centred around the sofa, especially if you've selected a distinctive colour.

If your sofa is dark and your floor is dark going a lighter rug will create some contrast. If you're concerned about cleaning a lighter rug, you can always go with a rug that is slightly busy. Most rugs are made out of polypropylene fibers or polyester, easy to clean with soap + cold water.

Worst case scenario you can't get a stain out, call a professional or go slightly busy, camouflage, be practical especially if you have kids or pets or don't, case the look, its your living room. You should be fine in most cases,

If your sofa is dark and your floors are light, go with a rug thats darker than your floors and lighter than your sofa. If your sofa is light and your floors are dark, go with a rug thats darker than your sofa lighter than your floors. There is nothing wrong with going neutrals beige, cream, grey, a slight difference in shading makes all the difference.

If you think it's bland, you can always supplement with colourful cushions and pictures. The busier you go with your rug, generally the smaller the space will feel. So be picky. If everything in the room is neutral and you want a Wow factor - than going a multi colour rug might be just what you need.

Perfect for bringing a room together, pick your cushion colours around the rug and carry those colours around, it will make for a lovely living room. Natural lighting in a room should also be considered. Going a darker rug might be practical however, it might make the room feel like a cave. If thats what you're going for then great.

Compliment a darker room with a lighter rug it will reflect the most amount of light. Having a mix of lighter tones in a rug is a good way to keep the room alive. Make a shortlist, listen to your heart, pick. Its crystal clear.

Don't feel overwhelmed, you're not picking a life partner, you're going to step on it and use it and use it well. Hopefully for a few years or until you get bored and yearn for something different. We're always growing and seeking new things and thats okay. Your quality of life is important and our living room is a place we spend a lot of quality time. Make it reflect the best of you. 

If you're feeling stuck and have a few ideas or no idea, contact us, send us photos and we'll show you the world.

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living room lounge couch rug 160x230

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